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urological — 23 May 2022

Our Many Hats

Our Many Hats

I will never forget that call I received at work asking.... Do you have a nurses hat? or Do you sell Nun's Hats? or What is a toilet hat?  But my favorite and winning question.... Once I use the nurses hat, do I put the contents in the refrigerator? Hmmm...lets find out. 

OK, so let's get to the bottom of this, shall we?  What my customers were ACTUALLY asking for is known as a Specimen Collector or Urine Hat.  It is used to 

  • Collect urine sample
  • Measure urine output
  • Collect a stool sample 

The specimen collector is designed to fit on your toilet bowl below the seat.  Now you can now have a hands-free collection.  Next, you should put the sample in a specimen cup and take to your doctor as soon as possible.  And, yes, according to Webmd, if you cannot drop off the sample immediately, you should keep it in the refrigerator until then.

urine hat

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