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Flexabed — 08 Dec 2022

Split Adjustable Beds | How To Stay Together

Split Adjustable Beds | How To Stay Together

Adjustable Beds - Making the 'Split' can keep you together. 

We all know how important a good night's sleep is. But for couples dealing with illness or injury, a regular bed does not offer the health benefits and comfort of an adjustable bed. That's where a split adjustable bed comes in. This type of bed can be adapted to each person's needs, making it possible for you to get the rest in the position you need, even when your partner is dealing with something that makes sleeping in a regular bed uncomfortable. This article will explore ways a split adjustable bed can improve your quality of life. Whether you or you're loved one is dealing with chronic pain or fatigue, recovering from an injury, or simply wanting to sleep better, a split adjustable bed could be the answer you've been looking for.

Adjustable beds and how they can be beneficial for those who have an illness or injury.

Adjustable beds can be incredibly beneficial for anybody; however, this is especially true for those dealing with an illness or injury. Adjustable beds are a great alternative to hospital beds because they are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Adjustable beds also come in a variety of sizes, making adjustable beds ideal for seniors as well. Adjusting your resting angles to infinite positions can help relieve pain and increase comfort. Adjustable beds can create the perfect sleep environment, providing adjustability of the back and the legs, and in the HI-Low model, adjustability of the height of the bed. With a push of a button, these adjustments can help relieve aches and pains caused by chronic conditions and improve circulation and relaxation with maximum support. Better rest and relaxation are the foundation for an improved quality of life, especially for anyone recovering at home from an injury or illness.

Why make the change to a Split Adjustable Bed? 

An adjustable bed can be genuinely transformative for those dealing with an injury or illness. While sleeping on a flat surface can often worsen pain or discomfort, adjusting the angling of a bed can make all the difference in both comfort and recovery. To get the most out of an adjustable bed, couples should take advantage of a split bed for individual adjusting capabilities. For example, specific injuries benefit from having the knees angled while lying down. In contrast, others may require that the head or shoulders are elevated - two straightforward adjustments that an adjustable bed makes easy.

Additionally, a split adjustable bed is also helpful for people with different sleeping habits, such as those who have one person snoring or want the head or the foot of the bed raised higher than the other! Imagine being able to rest and make these adjustments while your loved one can make different settings until they find something that works - because sometimes the slightest adjustment makes all the difference! With an adjustable bed, you never have to worry about disrupting one another's much-needed rest again.

The pros and cons of couples with illness or injury owning a split adjustable bed

When a couple has different needs because one partner has an injury or illness, owning a split adjustable bed can be a great solution. It creates convenience and comfort as there's no need to compromise on individual preferences. Each side of a split adjustable bed can be customized to fit the head, and foot elevation, among other specific needs. This eliminates the need to share one flatbed while accommodating different needs, which can benefit individuals practically and emotionally. Although the cost of investing in a split adjustable bed is generally higher than opting for a regular bed, many couples find it's worth it in terms of overall quality of life. If you're considering this option, do plenty of research and ask your Medical Equipment Provider for advice when evaluating the pros and cons.

Choosing the right adjustable bed for individuals who have injury or illness

Adjustable beds are an overlooked piece of home furniture that can have real benefits when dealing with injuries or illnesses. When shopping for one, be sure to take into consideration the specific needs of you and your loved one. For those suffering from an injury or illness, talk to your physical therapist, doctor, or medical equipment professional to help guide you to the best options based on the situation. Make sure that the bed you choose is as adjustable as possible; for example, it should allow you to adjust various parts separately to find the most comfortable position. Plus, ensure that the mattress you buy is supportive and breathable for ease and comfort throughout the night.

Flexabed is a national manufacturer of adjustable beds that offers several options in a frame design that are all made in the USA.

The Flexabed Value-Flex model is a one-touch wired control pendant that comes in different sizes, Twin, Full, Queen, Split Queen, and Split King sizes. This bed offers options of longer and heavy-duty adjustable bed frames. 

The Flexabed Premier model is a popular adjustable bed in Twin, Full, Queen, Split Queen, California King, and Split King sizes. It comes with options of more comfortable mattresses, longer and heavy-duty adjustable bed frames,  a one-touch wireless pendant, dual-zone message, and side safety rails.

The Flexabed Hi-Low model is a true alternative to a homecare hospital bed with an adjustable bed height, making it easier for transfers or caregiver assistance. The Hi-Low comes in Twin, Full, Queen King and Split King sizes. It comes with options of more comfortable mattresses, longer and heavy-duty adjustable bed frames,  a one-touch wireless pendant, dual-zone message, and side safety rails.

A dealer perspective:

Frank Baratta, General Manager of Atlantic Healthcare Products in Palm Beach County, Florida, states that

Roughly half of the customers who call us about getting an adjustable bed to meet the needs of a partner or spouse end up ordering the split king or split queen. Not only does this provide older couples peace of mind that they can share a bed without sacrificing comfort due to illnesses or mobility challenges, but it also enables them maintain an intimate connection. 

We recently had a 89 year old woman whose husband was recovering from a stroke and was looking for an adjustable bed. She was so excited to learn about the Split King Adjustable bed option because she had been sleeping next to her husband for 70 years. Her husband was a big guy who need more assistance so she opted for Flexabed Hi-Low Split King Adjustable bed with the optional side rail. That is where the height deck of the bed can go up and down with the push of a button. This can elevate the patient to a height that is comfortable to provide assistance or to help transfer out of the bed.  Its moments moments like this that are meaningful proof that products can literally help bring people closer together durring difficult times. 

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Adjustable beds can be a game-changer for couples suffering from illness or injury. The ability to adjust the head and foot of the bed makes it much easier for those with challenging medical conditions to find the ideal sleeping position for them, allowing for better rest. Not only does this help improve their sleep quality, but it also helps ensure that both partners have an improved night's rest. Neither partner needs to contend with uncomfortable positions that result when an adjustable bed isn't used. On top of these sleep benefits, adjustable beds are also beneficial because they can come with additional features such as therapeutic massage or safety rails. With all these perks, there is no doubt that an adjustable bed can bring life-changing comfort and relief to couples who are managing difficult conditions.

An adjustable bed can offer couples many benefits, from easing pain to improving circulation. If you're considering purchasing an adjustable bed, research to find the best one for your needs. You'll also want to learn how to use all the features to get the most out of it. While there are some downsides to owning an adjustable bed, the pros far outweigh the cons for many people.

If you have questions about whether an adjustable bed is right for you or a loved one, contact the team at Atlantic Healthcare Products -we're always happy to help! Call us: 561-300-6531

Disclaimer: Atlantic Healthcare Products is an official dealer of Flexabed products.  Flexabed is a national manufacturer of adjustable beds manufactured in the USA.

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