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DMEasy Scripts

A detailed prescription is the first thing that patients need when obtaining DME through insurance and Medicare.

Prescribing DME made Easy

We make prescribing DME easy with our easy-to-use prescription form templates. We can get your patients the right DME items with only three steps.

If you have questions or don't see a template for a DME item, please get in touch with our Team.

Print out a prescription, fill it out, and fax it to 561-290-1434

Durable Medical Equipment Rx

(Please note that not all items are covered through insurance.)

General DME - Rx

We make it easy with just a prescription for the walker, cane, commode, or other General DMR. We offer same-day delivery for most approved orders by 1:00 pm.

Orthotic Bracing - Rx

We have various braces to help you find the perfect one for your needs. Most only require this script, so it's easy as pie!

Compression Sock - Rx

The Compression Stocking prescription will help you find the correct pressure and length and leave everything else to us.

Catheter - Rx 

We have all types of catheters for you, including straight, foley, or external. Just send us the prescription and chart notes, and we'll get it done ASAP!


Wheelchair - Rx 

It doesn't matter if you need a custom-built wheelchair or one in stock; our Team of professionals is ready to help get your patient set up with their perfect solution.

Power Wheelchair - Rx

The convenience of an electric wheelchair is hard to beat. With a tight turn radius and comfortable seats, power wheelchairs make it easy for your patients to get around!

Hospital Bed - Rx

Elevate your patient's head and feet in ways not achievable with traditional beds. A hospital bed is a good option, and pressure-relieving surfaces offer distinct benefits.

Mobility Repair - Rx

We understand that no one wants to be stuck with broken wheels or a dead charger! Our Team of professionals takes pride in providing quality service for all patient's mobility needs.


Lift Chair - Rx

The Reclining Lift Chair can be a life-changing device for those with limited mobility. It helps patients stand up from a seated position and gently sets them back down.

Scooter - Rx

The good news is that eligible patients can get a mobility scooter for in-home use if your patient's insurance provider approves the unassigned claim.

Group 1- Rx

Group 1 pressure relieving surfaces act as the first step in reducing pain and discomfort caused by bed-bound patients.

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Medicare DME Checklists

We have created checklists to ensure all necessary information gets documented and make things straightforward so there's no confusion on either side of an appointment or treatment process!

Visit our Locations

Our delivery service is always available in Palm Beach County. If you or your patients need some help finding the perfect medical supply or equipment items, then we've got just what you all want!


Professional Discounts

Atlantic Healthcare Products offers discounts on most of our products to licensed medical professionals. If you're an FL AHCA Licensed Medical professional, please send us an inquiry with your FL AHCA License, and we will get things set up for you!


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