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Stair Chair Lift Rentals


Stair chair lifts are specifically designed to provide a safe and pleasant journey up the steps. With a stair chair lift rental from Atlantic Healthcare Products, you can have easy access to all floors of your home without the discomfort of climbing and descending steps.

Atlantic Healthcare Products rents high-quality, stair chair lifts in great condition. A stair chair lift rental is the perfect solution when the stairs will be unsafe to use due to an injury or temporary living arrangement.

Whatever the situation, Atlantic Healthcare Products has stair chair lift rental options that give you the ability to rent the lift for as long as you or your loved one needs.

A Stairlift is a rail system that is installed along the top of the steps and against the wall or stair rail. A beautifully designed chair glides smoothly up and down the stairs following the rail system. The rail is low-profile and quiet so it’s barely noticed. Perhaps you’re considering getting a stairlift in your home to make the upper levels accessible to those who are mobility challenged. There are times renting a stairlift makes more sense. Perhaps you’re dealing with an injury, surgery or illness that should improve with time, therapy and healing. Maybe you are caring for an aging parent whose time is short. In any case, a stairlift rental will give that person a ride safely up the stairs when they are unable to navigate the steps. 

Our stairlifts come in a variety of colors. The chairs have choices of colors and fabrics. The chair, as well as the arm and feet rests, fold up out of the way when not in use. The stairlifts have a back-up power system in case of a power outage.

Our rentals use the same quality accessibility professionals to consult and design a stairlift to fit your particular staircase. The same care is given as we install the rental systems to meet ADA standards and safety measures. It is always the mission of Atlantic Healthcare Products to provide solutions in every way we can to help those with mobility challenges to find the right fit to have more accessibility in their own home and place of business. Whether it is a sale or rental, we have stairlifts to fit straight, curved, and spiral staircases—as well as multi-landing staircases. We would love to visit with you and see how a stairlift might help your situation.


Can I rent it Online?
Yes, you can start the process of renting a stairlift online. Just complete the the online form to schedule an assessment to install a rental stair lift into your home. You can also call or send us a text message to our service center 561-409-0800. One of our specialists will contact you to set up a convenient time for your stairlift rental.

Text us the picture of your stairs to 561-409-0800 and we will be happy to get you an estimate on the the rental stair lift installation.

How much does it cost to rent a stair lift in South Florida?
Our standard rental package includes Installation, Removal, and a minimum 3-month rental period. Once the lift is no longer needed, we'll come out to remove it.

The cost of the rental depends on several factors such as the make, model of stair chair lift, and whether a folding option is selected. The lifts that we rent come out of the used inventory in our local warehouses.

After the initial 3-month rental period, payments are billed monthly to your credit card on file.

Service and maintenance are included for as long as you rent a stair lift.

What types of stair chair lifts can be rented?
We offer straight rail stair chair lifts for rent. Our Stair Lift offer a 350 weight capacity. An optional manual folding rail is an option when the bottom rail is an obstruction. Contact us via phone or text at 561-408-0900 and we can discuss your specific requirements.

For stair lift with landings a second chair lift is often needed. Single or double installations are available (double installation includes two lifts installed at the same location). Curved stair lifts are custom built and designed and are not eligible for rental.

Are stair lifts rentals covered by Medicare?
Medicare will not typically cover the purchase, rental or installation of a stair chair lift, even with a doctor's order. Medicare supplemental insurance policies also do not cover stair chair lifts. Medicare Advantage plans generally follow the non-covered item methodology as Medicare.

A stair chair lift isn't considered to be “durable medical equipment” by Medicare. They consider it a “home modification” (which isn't covered by their guidelines).

How can I get funding for stair lift rentals?
Certain Foundations offer funding for stair lift rentals and home modifications.

Long Term Care Insurance often covers the cost of install and rental or purchase of a stair lift.

Why rent a stairlift rental?
If you’re recovering after an operation or have an elderly parent staying at your home for an extended period, a rental stair chair lift is a perfect option. Our straight indoor stairlift rentals are a great way to regain access to different levels of homes. We offer a flexible rental time periods and an economical cost.

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