Lift Chairs

Lift Chair Recliner: Your Nap Just Got Better


Take advantage of the patented design that will put you gently and easily in a zero gravity-eliminated position.  No gravity means no pressure on your low back or hips, which can cause pain or discomfort.  You'll rest peacefully and wake up refreshed.  

From medical lift chair recliners to power lift chairs, we have a large variety for rental or purchase.  We have trusted brands like Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies, all made in America. You can:

  • Gently relax into a fully reclined position with zero gravity
  • Raise the chair up with the touch of a button
  • Stand up from a sitting position independently
  • Rent a lift chair recliner for recovery from surgery. We'll deliver it!
  • Purchase a new or a gently-used model. Our delivery services are available for this also
  • Have Immediate Dispatch Delivery service Monday-Friday for a nominal fee
  • Awake refreshed!

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