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Kidney Stones Strainer

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  • Kidney Stones Strainer

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Effective kidney stones strainer. Take control of your kidney stone health. Explore our kidney stone strainers now online or in in-store. Retail stores located in Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach.

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Product Description and Reviews

Calculi Strainer McKesson All 24 Hour Specimen Collectors

Kidney stones strainer, designed to make managing kidney stone issues a breeze. This kidney stones strainer is a must-have tool for anyone dealing with the discomfort of kidney stones. Its specially engineered design effectively filters urine, allowing you to catch and examine any stones that may have passed. Easy to use and clean, this urine strainer provides peace of mind by helping you monitor your kidney stone condition. Say goodbye to the worry of missing crucial information about your kidney stone health choose our reliable urine strainer today.

Kidney Stones Strainer Product Information

  • McKesson Calculi Strainer
  • Mesh screen is 60 square per square inch, which is the optimal size for filtering the smallest stones while allowing unobstructed flow-through.
  • Built-in tab for easier handling and sanitary conditions.
  • Durable white plastic construction.
  • Rinsable plastic allows one patient to use strainer for several days.
  • Fits conveniently into 24-hour specimen collection containers.
  • Single Patient Use
  • Disposable
  • Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex.

What is a Kidney Stones Strainer used for?

A kidney stones strainer, also known as a urine strainer or kidney stone strainer, is a medical device used to collect and examine urine in order to detect and retrieve kidney stones. It is a simple, sieve-like tool that is typically provided to individuals who have a history of kidney stones or are currently experiencing symptoms suggestive of kidney stones.

Here's how kidney stone strainers work and their primary purposes:

  1. Collection of Kidney Stones: Kidney stones strainers are designed to catch and retain solid particles, such as kidney stones, that may be present in the urine. Kidney stones are formed from minerals and salts that can crystallize in the kidneys and cause blockages or pain when they pass through the urinary tract. By using a strainer, individuals can collect any stones that are passed in their urine for further analysis.

  2. Diagnosis and Analysis: The primary purpose of using a kidney stones strainer is to aid in the diagnosis of kidney stones. When a person suspects they have kidney stones, or if they have been previously diagnosed with them, using a strainer allows healthcare professionals to examine the stones for their composition, size, and other characteristics. This information is crucial for determining the appropriate treatment and prevention strategies.

  3. Monitoring Stone Progression: For individuals who have recurring kidney stones, a kidney stones strainer can be a valuable tool for monitoring the progression of their condition. Regularly using the strainer helps track the frequency and size of stones being passed, allowing healthcare providers to adjust treatment plans accordingly.

  4. Prevention and Management: By analyzing the collected stones, healthcare professionals can provide guidance on dietary and lifestyle changes that may help prevent the formation of new kidney stones or manage existing ones. Understanding the composition of the stones can inform recommendations for dietary modifications and fluid intake.

In summary, a kidney stones strainer, also known as urine strainers, serve the important medical purpose of collecting and examining urine to detect and retrieve kidney stones. They are essential tools for diagnosing, monitoring, and managing kidney stone-related issues, ultimately helping individuals receive appropriate treatment and preventive care.

The rating of this product is 5 out of 5

Cathy C. |

These Kidney stone strainers are a lifesaver! They work perfectly and Christina at the store was amazing. So grateful for their help.

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