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Mobility Scooters in West Palm Beach, Florida

Mobility Scooters Retail, Rentals, and Repairs

Mobility Scooter West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach

Riverbridge Shopping Center
6782 Forest Hill Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL 33413

Monday – Friday from 9AM – 5PM
Saturday from 10AM – 3PM

Whether you want to go to the mall, a park, out to eat or fishing—we have an amazing line up of mobility scooters to meet your needs. Atlantic Healthcare Products carries all types of mobility scooters (sometimes referred to as POV’s or personal operating vehicles) to choose from that will give you so much more freedom to go where you want. As always, our experienced West Palm Beach professionals are committed to helping those with mobility issues find solutions for moving through life both in your home and out in the world. 

If you tire easily, cannot stand or walk for long periods of time, can sit erect and operate the controls, a mobility power scooter may be a solution for you. We would be honored to consult with you at no obligation to help you explore this option. We carry the latest models and can help you see which one is the best fit for your needs. Our compact easy-to-maneuver scooters have great turning radius which work well going down small hallways and turning into doorways. Most of these mobility scooters have three wheels and are easily disassembled to transport or store. The four wheel units are often used for more rugged off-road type surfaces and heavier loads. All our mobility scooters come in attractive factory colors. Some have 360 degree swivel seats for easy access when sitting down or getting up.  All are battery powered and can be used up to 18 miles between charges. They are equipped with headlights and taillights for night safety and have some great baskets for storage either on the tiller, under the seat or in the back. Other accessories include bumper systems, a cell phone holder, walker or cane holders, oxygen holder, cup holder and zippered arm bag. 

Atlantic Healthcare Products has built an unmatchable team of highly respected accessibility manufacturers and compassionate professional experts. Our West Palm Beach branch would love to help you determine if one of our many mobility power scooters might work for you. If you are in need of a mobility scooter short term we also have scooters available to rent. We are just a phone call away.  We want to become part of the team that finds solutions for you to move through life. That just might include a mobility scooter!

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